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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Link to google drive-

Hey guys! Here is a link to the info I shared today at in-serice! download it quick! I won't leave it up for long... :)

Friday, February 20, 2015

Behavior in the Art Room

This has been pretty useful in the art room for behavior. My kids really have to be told quite often to check the noise level (not a surprise, is it?) and work more quietly. When I flip the colors on board to the next color, sighs and gasps ensue. I have a huge magnet clip that holds the pallets on the board. Of course, when they come in, it should be blue. Believe me, if it isn't, they let me know. "How'd we already get to GREEN?" I usually give a warning, then move the color. I even give them the opportunity to get moved back if they redeem themselves before the end of class. This only works if the classroom teacher works with you- so keep that in mind. When they pick them up, I can say, "Your class was awesome and on BLUE today!" or, "Unfortunately, Mrs. X, I had to move them all the way to RED." I used to keep up with it on a tally chart, but that has gone by the wayside. My new plan is to keep up with it by printing out a sheet and marking the color as they leave the room. The reward is that they get to do a special activity, such as using materials I don't have enough of for an entire grade level, or they can choose from a few predetermined activities. If you try it out, let me know how it works! I decided to create a printable version of this for you to try- check it out at

Our Take on Klee

The 4th graders recently completed their versions of Paul Klee's Castle and Sun.
Here are a few of the Paul Klee Castle and Sun inspired paintings,  done on recycled book pages.
I had some old book pages, and thought it would be fun to do some of these on them. I had some old books donated to the classroom, and since they weren't something I thought the kids would ever read, I thought why not?! (That's what happens when you are low on paper!) If these were by my kids, I would totally frame them, wouldn't you?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Paul Klee's Fish Magic

The kids had a ball working on this project! We made our own scratch art paper, and then they scratched out their very own version of Paul Klee's Fish Magic. It took 3 weeks but it was worth it! First, the children covered the posterboard with crayons. Then the next week, they covered the entire paper with black tempera paint. The next week, they used wooden sticks to scratch the designs into the paper. I think they turned out great!

Paul Klee Castle and Sun

The 4th grade kids really enjoyed working on these. We used old book pages from an interior design book the public library gave me. The students drew the castle of their own and then outlined them with Sharpies. Then the next week they painted them with watercolors. They just make me happy!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Crazy for Cats (Klee cats, that is)

The kids have had a ball making a chalky mess this week!
We had chalk everywhere! The kids thought this was a great project...One of my first graders said, "This was the best day ever! We got to make art and get really messy at the same time! I love it!" They crack me up. :)