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Learning to weave!

This weather is for the Penguins!

It has been super cold here in Tennessee, so we've been learning about penguins! Here are some adorable examples of the pop-up baby Emperor Penguins that a couple of my talented 5th graders created.  They drew the penguins step by step with me, then colored them with colored pencils and outlined with my beloved Sharpies.  They then cut them out, made a zig- zag pop up tab out of the scraps, and proceeded to paint the background.  After the background was dry enough, we used double stick tape to attach the penguin to his habitat.  Needless to say, they were really proud of their creations!  To prepare for this lesson,  we watched a few videos from National Geographic Kids and BrainPop.  The other video won't come up, but I saved it on my computer at school.  I will see if I can get it to load from there.
I also showed them a video from BrainPop, but you have t…

Looking forward to the New Year

We lucked out today, and due to the bitter cold, In-service was called off.  I have been spending most of the day thinking up what we will be doing for the rest of the year.  I have pretty much decided on picking an artist, and coming up with a project integrating the elements of art and any other subject I can pull in.  I'll get back to you later with a plan-maybe it will help you come up with some ideas as well.  I would love to hear from you- what are your favorite artists to teach through?