Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Toilet Paper Roll Pinterest Project Completed!

I pin a lot on Pinterest. I mean ALOT! There are so many cool ideas out there- and sometimes the ones I think I thought up are on there already! So funny- anyway, here is one that turned out really cute. Our school is at like 95% poverty level, so we do a lot of recycled projects. I go to this awesome place every year called ZeroLandfill Nashville. Lots of designers and interior decorators donate old samples they have, and people like me (teachers, scavengers, hoarders-you know) grab it up. I use those materials throughout the year for different things. I will have to look through my thousands of pics to find some of those projects to share. The following project uses something we all have access to (for the most part- lol) toilet paper rolls. I had so many of these things that I had to do something with them. I found this on Pinterest: Sorry-I don't know who to give credit to this awesome project- I will have to go back and look. This is what some of the kids made- Keep in mind, this was a one day, 40 min. project. This class was a week ahead, so I had to find something quick and easy...and they loved it! I think next year we will do this but turn it into a mixed media project- adding model magic, or fabric. Fun!

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