Tuesday, February 9, 2016

We heArt Art

Last week, we started on our "We heART art" unit.  Yeah, I know it's cheesy, but the kiddos love it.  We discussed Jim Dine and Romero Britto.  They were all shocked to know they are both still alive. In almost every class they were like, "Are they still alive, Mrs. Jackson?" When I answered yes, there was a collective "That's cool! Most of the artists we study are dead!" I guess I won't continue to go in any kind of order... time to mix it up a bit!  Anyway, these are done on some mat board that I found in my closet.  I actually found a lot of stuff when I cleaned that out!  They are about 4"x4", the perfect size for a one day lesson.  I really want to keep these and use them for the art show.  Some classes used watercolors, some tempera. I think they are great... I let them choose if they wanted to use a template or draw the heart themselves. These are from 2 classes (4th grade) that were based on Jim Dine-

5th grade
The last two are some of the 5th graders.  After we looked at some of Romero Britto's work, and Jim Dine's work, I gave each student a part of a heart drawn onto a large posterboard.  Each table got an entire heart, divided into pieces. After they were painted, they were put on the drying rack.  They haven't seen them yet- I think they will be pleased.  The plan was to have them hanging in the hallway for Valentine's Day Week, but since we are on SNOW DAY #2, that obviously hasn't happened.  I love them.  When I actually get the rest of them taped back together, I will share those too! Some were done with watercolors, some with tempera.  I like the tempera way better.  It's a bigger pain to distribute and clean up, but I'm finally getting the hand of finishing up early and making the kids responsible for the clean up. :)
I hope you all enjoy the rest of this lovey-dovey kind of week!

Pretty Little Piggies

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