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Art and the Common Core

Greetings to all of you who joined me at the Art in the Common Core session today! Sorry I am just now getting the information on here, but it has been a busy day!

This was written by Lisa Phillips is an author, blog journalist, arts and leadership educator, speaker and business owner. To learn about Lisa’s book, “The Artistic Edge: 7 Skills Children Need to Succeed in an Increasingly Right Brain World,” click here. This appeared on the ARTSblog, a program of Americans for the Arts.

1. Creativity – Being able to think on your feet, approach tasks from different perspectives and think ‘outside of the box’ will distinguish your child from others. In an arts program, your child will be asked to recite a monologue in 6 different ways, create a painting that represents a memory, or compose a new rhythm to enhance a piece of music. If children have practice thinking creatively, it will come naturally to them now and in their future career.
2. Confidence – The skills developed through theater, …

Common Core in the Art Room

Well, I just finished four days of Create 2013.  The conference was all about integrating art and Common Core.  I wish I could say I know all about it, but the truth is, I don't.  I do have a better understanding, but I, along with everyone else it seems, have a long way to go.
The thing is, I have always tried to tie in my art lessons with the curriculum.   I think that CC makes sense, from what I can tell, and will hopefully be a great thing.  I guess time will tell.
I did get a few ideas for things to do in the Art room-I will post about those later.  Right now, I need a nap!

Making fake food with WIKKI STIX!

I was so excited when I found these pictures today(when I was of course looking for something else). To go along with our Wayne Theibaud lesson, I had my Art Club students make fake food from Wikki Stix! They were so cute!  This was from a couple of years ago, but I am pretty sure you can still buy them.  I also found some Bendaroos, which are the same thing...but I got a box of 500 on clearance at Wal-Mart for $5. I sure do wish I could luck up on that again!

I thought they were just so dang cute!  The best part was, they were able to complete them in one sitting, they don't have to dry, and they don't have to paint them!  Hooray for a one day project!

Summer! Don't run away!

Where did the month of June go? Seriously? I have a feeling that July is going to fly by-especially since I have to report for duty on the 29th.  I remember the days when we didn't go back to school until the end of August...(sigh).
Anyway, I have been working on ideas for projects for the coming year.  I will be going to the Create 2013 conference next week on integrating Common Core into the Art class.  I really don't know as much as I need to about CC, so I will have to get back to you on that.

My goal, as an art teacher, is to let the children know that they ARE creative, and not to be afraid to try new things and get their hands dirty.  Everyone has an artistic gift, they just have to figure out what it is.  It makes me so sad when I hear a child (or adult) say they are not creative.  Someone has probably told them that in the past, and that is why they think so.  My job is to prove them wrong.