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Showing posts from February, 2012

Butterfly Life Cycle

The first graders had a lesson this week on the life cycle of the butterfly. We made replicas from Crayola Model Magic. They worked on them Tuesday, and finished them on Friday. I think they turned out well, and more importantly, the kids could all tell me about it!

Ed Emberley!

Didn't this first grader do an awesome job on her step-by-step lion? I thought so! I only have the kinders and 1st graders for 20 minutes a class, so we have to do something quick! I used the Ed Emberly book to do a quick lesson on drawing this on Friday, with great results.

Crazy for Hundertwasser

The kids have had an absolute ball with our Hundertwasser unit. We made men with tall hats, lollipop trees, and crazy, colorful houses! I love what they did! This is our current display at the Board of Education. If you get a chance, stop on by!