Saturday, November 15, 2014

Native American Art

The students have been learning all about Native Americans this month. The kindergarten and first grade classes have been making teepees and totem poles, second grade has made Native American Pictographs and are now weaving "blankets", Third graders have made teepees, Fourth graders have been making pottery with Model Magic (not the best plan), and Fifth graders have been working on Parfleches. That one is taking a while! Here's what we have so far...
Next week, we will be making some Ojo de dios in 3rd, Rain sticks in 4th, and the rest will be finishing up if possible. I won't see my kinders due to testing for part of the week, so we will be doing a quick I am Thankful turkey...

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dot Day meets ROYGBIV

Last week we combined "The Dot" with our learning about ROYGBIV from the previous week. I must say, the children did a great job! These are from 2nd grade, where we watched a video of "The Dot" and then created our own dots with oil pastels. The kinders and 1st grade also made ROYGBIV circles but bigger, and with crayons. I only have Kindergarten for 20 minutes a day, so they were done pretty quickly. This week, we are finishing up our Pinwheels for Peace- and installing them on Friday. Stay tuned for pictures on that!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Still working on those horses!

Well, we still aren't completely finished with those dang horses! My ADD is kicking in really bad and I am so over this project. They have done an awesome job, but I'm ready to move on to the next project! I do have a few that have finished, so I will take pics tomorrow. I got the best surprise this afternoon! I came home to 2 big boxes of paint and brushes from a Reddit gift! I don't know what I'm supposed to tell, but I will say that I was beyond thrilled. Lots of fun stuff will come from that donation, I will tell you that much! :) I will check back in soon- lots to do!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Romero Britto Inspired Walking Horses

In honor of the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration,  the students have started creating their Romero Britto inspired horses. I think they are awesome! When they finish the Horse, they will work on the background. These are works in progress...

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Come meet our Lego people!

The kids LOVED this! I could hear them in the hallway oohing and as aahing which, as you know, is a pretty good sign. ;)

I had to come up with a fun, one day lesson, and this was it! We are out for the Horse Show Celebration starting next Friday, so I wanted something cute to hang in the halls. I found the template on Pinterest. There is another one that has dotted lines, in case you want the option of adding outfits without lines going through them.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Self portraits

Of course, this is my first lesson every year. I love to see what the kids come up with for their yearly self portaits. I will save these all year, and at the end of the year they will do another to compare how much their skills have grown. Looking at these just make me happy. The students in grades 2-5 were given mirrors to look at themselves while drawing. The younger ones just drew from memory- the mirrors were just a distraction for them.

Crazy Fridays...

So, next week the kids don't come on Friday. Today I decided that I would go ahead and teach next week's lesson to my Friday class so they wouldn't miss it. Because we're getting out for the Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration, I decided we would do a Romero Britto inspired horse. They loved it. I'm doing a whole "Time Traveling through art history" theme this year, complete with my disco ball spinning to create an illusion. Unfortunately, it didn't go quite as well as I hoped, but they enjoyed it. None of them finished in time, so I can't show them to you yet, but they are adorable.

Romero Britto

Good Friday to you! Today I am beginning a lesson on Romero Britto! So excited... Check him out! If you check back later I will hopefully have some examples to show you!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Core Conference and ART CLASS

Hopefully this will link you to the information I shared today at the Core Conference- Good Luck! I'll be back later!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Wedding Craftiness :)

Well, I have been a crafty crafter lately! My precious cousin got married last night to the sweetest guy, and I have been working on chalkboards and such for the big event. I didn't want to post before now, since I didn't want to ruin the surprise! I wish I had taken pics of the stuff at the wedding, but I didn't. Maybe the photographer got better shots!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

working on the old blog today...

Hey guys! I am working on the blog today, so look out for some changes! Make sure to add me to your bloglovin' account! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Straw Weaving

This is an inexpensive end of the year project that the kids all love. They were getting tired of the wonder-loom bracelets, so I thought I would teach them something that they could do this summer that wouldn't break the bank. A bag of straws from the dollar tree, a skein of yarn from Wal-Mart (multi-colored), and some masking tape and they are ready to go! This is very important, since most of my kids don't have much money to spend. There are several tutorials on line, so I won't go into the how-to's. I just wanted to let you know how popular this was. I let them take them home, so they could finish them. Guess who was popular that day? ;)

Pretty Little Piggies

The kids finished these up this week and I just had to share. Aren't they adorable? We started with a step by step drawing on pink cons...