Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ready for some snow!

Ok, so tomorrow I have to go back to school. It's an in-service day, so there won't be any kids. Hopefully I will get my planning complete for the next couple of weeks! Dare to dream, baby! Before we got out for Christmas, the students made snowflakes from coffee filters. I turned this into a math lesson by discussing fractions! First, you fold the filter in 1/2. Then fold again in 1/4's, then 1/8th's, then 1/16ths. That is about as far as we can go! Then I showed them how to cut the snowflakes from the sides and edge, without cutting through. Before the kids actually cut the coffee filters, I showed them the website where you can make virtual snowflakes This really helped them figure out how to cut the filters. (By the way, I bought the filters at the Dollar Tree, which made this project quite economical!) Here you see the beautiful outcome! These were all made by 5th graders!

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  1. Love the snowflakes, Angie! I'm not ready to go back, either. Especially to a day full of meetings! See ya tomorrow.

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