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Inspired by Wayne Theibaud

Who doesn't love an artist who enjoys the finer things in life? My kiddos loved all the goodies that Wayne Theibaud painted~ gumball machines, cakes, ice should have heard the oohs and aahs when I was showing them the slide show of his work! My classes are a bit off lately, so I have to catch up and get everyone back together at some point. It gets hard to do that at times! One of my 5th grade classes made these after learning about him. We still need to work on shading, but they are getting it!


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Colorful Owl Pastel Drawings

Last year, I attended the Create 2012 conference in Murfreesboro, TN. Several of the teachers from my town attended, and it was great. My favorite class was one on drawing animals, and the class description said something about being "based on the style of Laurel Burch". Well, since I am a big fan of hers, mostly because of all the things she had to overcome in life, I attended. The lady was so sweet, but basically she showed us her work, and let us have at it. That was fine with me! I was ready to just make something. Having an obsession with owls, which dates back to the 70's when they were first in style, I naturally chose to draw one. This is what I came up with- I took it to school, and the kids went wild. I don't know if it was the color, or the glitter, or what, but they BEGGED to make one. They did a great job. I believe these are from the third graders- Pretty cute, huh?

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In honor of the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration,  the students have started creating their Romero Britto inspired horses. I think they are awesome! When they finish the Horse, they will work on the background. These are works in progress...